What is a website

A website is made up of the following four units,

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Design
  4. Content

Domain Name:

     Domain name is the address for your website on the internet. It is unqiue around the globe and comes under various extensions. For example,

  • yourcompany.com
    • .com is the default and commonly used website address extension. It specifies that this website is about company (or) commerical product / service.
  • yourcompany.in / yourcompany.us / yourcompany.ca
    • These a country specific extensions, each representing a country.
    • .in - India | .us - United States | .ca - Canada. There more country extensions available


  • Hosting is like getting you a computer on the internet so that everyone around the globe can get access to your website.
  • Hosting is usually charged based yearly based on the disk space or simply hard disk size you want for your website.


  • It is the actuall website layout ie. how your website is going to be presented to the viewers.
  • It includes color scheme, designs and most importantly how it will be looking on various devices like Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Phone.
  • Design basically contains image sliders, pages, contact and enquiry forms.


  • The design is the website's skeleton and the content is the flesh and blood. Only when these two combine we will be getting life to your website.
  • Content may be in any from like text, images, videos, files, audio
  • Usally the content must be describing about the company, service details, product details, contact informations and more. The more information we provide the more the customer interest we get

All the above gets you a website and if you think you need a website you can just whatsapp our team at +91 9087273747. Our team will get back to you in 24hrs.