Final Year Projects

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No. Title Action
tkp001 Simple Network Management Protocol Download
tkp132 Automated Timetable Generator Download
tkp133 College Admission Predictor Download
tkp134 College Social Network Project Download
tkp135 CRM For Internet Service Provider Download
tkp002 Integrated Production System Download
tkp003 Network Discovery And Security Analysis System Download
tkp136 Customer Focused Ecommerce Site With AI Bot Download
tkp137 ERP System For College Management Download
tkp004 Repository and Search Engine For Alumni College System Download
tkp138 Secure E Learning Using Data Mining Techniques Download
tkp005 XTC A Practical Topology Control Algorithm For Ad-hoc Networks Download
tkp139 Predicting User Behavior Through Sessions Web Mining Download
tkp140 Online Book Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering Download
tkp141 Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining Download
tkp006 Collaborative Filtering Using Dual Information Sources Download
tkp142 Monitoring Suspicious Discussions On Online Forums Download
tkp007 Face Identification System Download
tkp143 Fake Product Review Monitoring & Removal For Genuine Ratings Download
tkp008 Customer Relation Support System Download
tkp144 Detecting E Banking Phishing Using Associative Classification Download
tkp009 Medi Tracker Download
tkp014 Intranet Mailing System Download
tkp015 Data Encryption System Download
tkp145 A Commodity Search System For Online Shopping Using Web Mining Download
tkp016 Digital Image Processing Download
tkp146 Secure Online Auction System Download
tkp018 Internet Service Provider Code Download
tkp147 School Security System (SSS) using RFID Download
tkp148 Filtering political sentiment in social media from textual information Download
tkp022 QC Management System Download
tkp149 Evaluation of Academic Performance of Students with Fuzzy Logic Download
tkp025 MP3 System Download
tkp150 Document Sentiment Analysis Using Opinion Mining Download
tkp151 Crime Rate Prediction Using K Means Download
tkp152 Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DES Download
tkp027 Instant Messaging Download
tkp028 JMail System Download
tkp153 Student Information Chatbot Project Download
tkp029 Issue Tracking System Download
tkp154 Efficient Doctor Patient Download
tkp155 Sentiment Analysis For Product Rating Download
tkp031 Simple Search Engine Java using servlets Download
tkp156 E Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining Download
tkp032 Web Wizard System Download
tkp157 Opinion Mining For Restaurant Reviews Download
tkp158 Smart Health Prediction Using Data Mining Download
tkp034 Blood Bank Maintainance System Download
tkp159 Real Estate Search Based On Data Mining Download
tkp038 Spam Filter Download
tkp160 Opinion Mining For Social Networking Site Download
tkp039 File Security System Download
tkp161 Online Election System Project Download
tkp162 The Cibil System Download
tkp163 Advanced Mobile Store Download
tkp164 Banking Bot System Download
tkp165 Farming Assistance Web Service Download
tkp166 Software Piracy Protection Download
tkp167 Online Diagnostic Lab Reporting System Download
tkp168 Online Loan Application & Verification System Download
tkp169 Sentiment Based Movie Rating System Download
tkp170 Matrimonial Portal Project Download
tkp171 Online Herbs Shopping System Download
tkp172 Online Bakery Shop System Download
tkp173 Daily Expense Tracker System Download
tkp174 Course Material Distribution System Download
tkp175 Credit Card Fraud Detection System Download
tkp176 Mumbai Dabbawala Project Download
tkp177 Online Furniture Shop System Download
tkp178 Computer Assembly Website Download
tkp179 Car Comparison System Download
tkp180 Salon management System Download
tkp181 Cricket Club Management Download
tkp182 Online Blood Bank System Download
tkp183 Campus Recruitment System Download
tkp040 File Tracking System Download
tkp042 Placement Activity System Download
tkp043 Steganography System Download
tkp049 Health Information System Download
tkp051 Hospital Management System Download
tkp052 Online Election system Download
tkp053 Handicrafts Import and Export Trade System Download
tkp055 Banking Management System Download
tkp057 Corporate HRM Information Scheduler System Download
tkp059 Data Mart Management Download
tkp061 Defect Tracking System Download
tkp062 Voice Enable Smart Browser Download
tkp063 Online Address Book Download
tkp064 Air Line Reservation System Download
tkp065 ATM Application System Download
tkp066 Online Bus Booking Download
tkp067 Chat Express Project Download
tkp068 Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography Download
tkp069 College Enrollment System Download
tkp070 Content-Based Image Retrieval Download
tkp071 Credit Card Approval System Download
tkp073 Online Book Store System Download
tkp075 Traffic Jam Detection Download
tkp076 Distributed Cache Updating For The Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Information Technology Download
tkp078 E Care System(Help Desk System) Developed Download
tkp079 E-Classified System Java Project For Students Download
tkp080 E-Mail Recovered Password System Download
tkp081 Employee Information And Payroll Management System Download
tkp082 Employee Tracking System Download
tkp086 Fashion Model Management System Download
tkp087 Text Editor Download
tkp088 E-Transaction Interface Download
tkp089 Insurance Policy Software Management Download
tkp091 Inventory Management System Download
tkp094 LAN Monitor System Download
tkp095 College Library Management System Download
tkp096 Login Authentication with Smart Card Network Security Download
tkp097 Magazine Management System Download
tkp099 Medical Diagnostic System Download
tkp100 MediTracker Download
tkp101 Mobile Service Provider Operations Portal Download
tkp103 Multi Level Marketing System Download
tkp104 Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering System Download
tkp105 Novel –SCP project Download
tkp106 ODAM Java Project Download
tkp108 Conference Management System Download
tkp109 Online Tele Network System Download
tkp112 Optical Char Recognition System Download
tkp114 Personal Telephone Directory Download
tkp117 Railway Ticker System Download
tkp118 Rank Aggregation For Automatic Schema Matching Download
tkp119 Result Intimation System Download
tkp121 Secure Net Auction System Download
tkp122 Project Report on Security of Web Forms Download
tkp123 Project on Self Training Employment Procedure Download
tkp124 Similarity Measures For Histogram Based Image Retrieval Download
tkp125 Student Information System Download
tkp126 Survey Tool System Download
tkp128 Syndication Of News Using RSS Feed Download
tkp130 Online Attendance Management Download
tkp131 Online library Management Download